ArkVax is revolutionising animal vaccinology

ArkVax aims to bring one of the safest and best proven vaccine families to animals

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Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance via a Novel Vaccine Technology

The UN and WHO have recognised that antibiotic overuse in livestock and resulting antimicrobial resistance is a threat to both human and animal health. ArkVax aims to revolutionise animal vaccinology by developing glycan based solutions with the potential to disrupt the antibacterial vaccine space.


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Leading Innovative Vaccine Development Through Advanced Bacterial Engineering

ArkVax specializes in developing glycoconjugate vaccines. These have the potential to transform animal health by offering greater potency and broader protection than current vaccines. ArkVax’s vaccines also have the potential to combat antimicrobial resistance in animal but also humans by conferring protection from zoonotic diseases. Leveraging £30M in grants, extensive glycobiology know-how and strong IP, ArkVax is well positioned to revolutionize the animal health market.

Our technology in simple terms

Our expertise is in the genetic engineering of bacterial cells. We modify them to carry a pay load of a vaccine based on one of the most successful vaccine families used in human medicine.

Step 1
Bacterial cells are modified to make a sugar based vaccine on its surface and inside of themselves
Step 2
The modified cells are now stable and capable of generating an inexhaustible supply of vaccine
Step 3
The vaccine is manufactured and delivered in a cost effective manner

Our team & advisors

Jon Cuccui
Chief Executive Officer
LSHTM Professor and ArkVax CEO, pioneers Protein Glycan Coupling Technology. His research secures £10M+ funding, including Bill and Melinda Gates proof of concept projects and animal health contracts.
Emily Kay
Chief Scientific Officer
A specialist for 10 years in bacterial glycoengineering, she started at the Sanger Institute, and now leads vaccine development at ArkVax.
Jolyon Martin
Non Executive Director
An entrepreneur and director, bridges fundamental science and commercial applications. With a PhD from Cambridge, he founded PetMedix, leading licensing deals and raising $50M. Advises UK government and mentors globally.
Susan Longhofer
Non Executive Director
Over 30 years in the industry, served as Chief Scientific Officer at Dechra Pharmaceuticals, overseeing global product development, registrations, and business development. Retired since 2021, she holds advanced degrees in Veterinary Science.
Nazira Amra
Non Executive Director
Seasoned pharmaceutical leader for 25 years, serves as VP at Exscientia. She excels in strategy and operations, driving product success in global markets.
Michael Salako
Board Observer
Investment director at Start Codon. Excels in life science and deep-tech venture capital. His expertise lies in sourcing, technical analysis, investment transactions, and portfolio support
Danny Goovaerts
Scientific Advisory Board Chair
23 years of experience working for top-tier Animal Health company, specializing in vaccine R&D and strategy for diverse species globally. Owner of DGVAC Consultancy, offering life science advisory services since June 2013.

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